You handle the womb, I'll handle the room. ~ Almost a dad

You handle the womb, I'll handle the room.

I received a question the other day from a reader, Ricky, who asked: How's the nursery coming along?

Thanks for asking Ricky.

He was asking in reference to a post from about three weeks ago when I mentioned that Baby room prep was my own little corner of pregnancy hell. Things had been progressing slowly until this weekend when I made some major strides. Most notably, you can now see the floor.

After removing more than twenty 34 gallon contractor bags of plaster and insulation, and chucking hundreds of strips of wood lathe out the window, finishing the room is reasonably within reach.

I'm incredibly excited about being able to provide a fresh, new room for our child. I've previously mentioned that I talk to my wife's belly because it helps me form a bond with our friendly little fetus. Preparing the nursery is something that gives me a similar sense of participation and involvement with my child. While he obviously won't experience the room until after birth, I feel like creating a safe, comfortable and friendly room the male counterpart to providing a womb to shack up in for nine months.

I'll post more pictures as things progress and I equip the room with accouterments such as walls and a ceiling.


Ricky said...

The extremely hard part is over. Now comes the fun part, DRYWALL! ;)

I'll get some pics of my nursery up soon.

Anonymous said...

How come you didn't mention that I helped make those great strides this past week end? Your former helper! DAD