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Is honey safe for pregnant women?

Many pregnant women are concerned about their diet during pregnancy, as well they should be. However they often have a hard time discerning which foods should be avoided due to science and those that are the product of bad advice and old wives tales.

One contested item in the realm of pregnancy nutrition is honey. No, not the Maria Carey song of the same name which should be avoided in pretty much every circumstance, but rather the bee and nectar byproduct.

While honey should not be ingested by children, it is safe for both pregnant and nursing mothers.

The reason that kids should avoid honey is that it may contain botulinum spores which could thrive in the low-acid digestive tracts of children. It is fine for pregnant and nursing women, though, as their more mature and acidic digestive systems will kill the spores.

You may have learned this from a George Clooney era episode of E.R., but this article from iVilliage has all the info.

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