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Pregnancy double takes: yes she's pregnant

Pregnant mom tee shirt
On our babymoon this weekend my wife and I both noticed that passers-by would look at her face, then at her belly. They would then look back at her face, and back down to her belly. Yes, she's pregnant.

My wife's face does not look pregnant and her 6-foot frame hides a lot of the baby weight, so I think when people notice a bump, they can't tell if she's expecting or just loves beer. The first time she pointed it out that people's eyes would ping-pong back and forth between her face and belly, I thought she was exaggerating because, well, she's pregnant. That's what they do, they exaggerate and then blame it on you and cry. But after a while I thought, "holy crap people, she's pregnant. Is that so unbelievable?!"

Regardless, I have a solution. Through the magic of Cafe Press, I've designed some "pregnant" maternity shirts. Available in black or white, they state in no uncertain terms that the wearer is in fact pregnant. I also made up a hat to the same end.

pregnant hant

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