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Naming your child after a Godfather character

The other day I wrote a post on about a potential name I suggested to my pregnant wife for our unborn son. When I originally verbalized my brilliant candidate, she gave me a look as though I had eaten paint chips as a child, which coincidentally is a family favorite.

Obviously she doesn't have a well textured understanding of the bit parts in the Godfather movies. The name I suggested happened to be a small character the films, and I provided this little clue to the readers:

It was the name of the baker in the Godfather who was bringing flowers to Vito Corleone in the hospital when Michael met him on the stairs.

Nobody got it.

Well apparently Mike over at Stroller Derby agrees with my thoughts as to why **** is in fact the person from the Godfather after whom I should name my child. I blocked out the potential name, you'll have to read my original post at Inside Fatherhood if you want to see what it is.


Anonymous said...

bill, i can't believe no one else
has written this down yet so i'll bite.

'i am ENZO. the baker!'

i don't know why that's poignant for
your son, as i haven't read the other
article, but i will right now.

-still feeling like a deer in headlights,


Bill, almost a dad said...