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Baby Room Prep - My Own Little Corner of Pregnancy Hell

The results of the expectant father survey so far have indicated that 70% of respondents are not at all bugged by or stressed about preparing a room for their baby.

However, 100% of respondents are not dealing with this:

I'm completely demolishing the baby's room, right down to the rafters and studs. Currently the baby's room has no ceiling and only two walls, and I enter and exit the room via a ladder from the attic.

If you're wondering why I'm not wearing a shirt during in the picture, it's because the room gets unbearably hot with no shades and no air conditioning. During demolition I quickly get dehydrated from the heat and I'm trying not to exit and enter the room a lot so I don't track dust and debris through the house.


Lance said...

Your nursery looks like my entire home right now. I unfortunately didn't limit my hell to just one room. I bought my house a year ago with the intention of just picking away at it over the next several years. But now that baby is on the way, mommy wants things like a floor and drywall to cover up all the bare wires. So I've been on home renovation hyperdrive all summer long.

Ricky said...

How's the nursery coming along?