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Pregnancy nutrition, a healthier grilled cheese sandwich

So I was awoken the other night as my wife flopped around in a hungry, hormonal tantrum. It turns out she wanted some grilled cheese. She burned the first batch and almost cried in the process, so I got up and made us a snack.

Grilled cheese is a tasty and relatively easy and tasty treat, but can also be an unhealthy dietary addition. I had just written a post on real food, so I thought this might be a good tie in to eating healthfully in the face of a violently hungry pregnant woman.

With a few minor tweaks your can turn this perennial favorite into a much healthier treat.

1. Use multi-grain bread.
Multi-grain bread has more fiber and more complex carbohydrates, so it won't break down as quickly and cause insulin spikes.

2. Add slices of tomato or onion.
This is a quick and easy way to add some nutritious vegetables to your diet. These two veggies always add great flavor as well.

3. Use healthier cheese.
Typical American cheese is very high in fat. Using provolone or low-fat cheddar will cut at least half the fat and calories of American cheese slices.

Follow these steps and you've got a much healthier spin on an old classic.

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