Expectant Father Survey extracts, part deux ~ Almost a dad

Expectant Father Survey extracts, part deux

The following are a few extracts from my ongoing expectant father survey.

- Only 23.1 % of expectant fathers who responded think there is enough pregnancy-related information available specifically for dads.

- 38.5% of all respondents were either completely surprised by, or weren't expecting altered or hormonal behavior in their pregnant partners.

- 30.8% of respondent fathers talk to their pregnant partner's belly every day. Another 46.2% do so "every now and then."

When asked what "crazy" behavior expectant fathers had seen in their pregnant partners, one respondent answered:

"My partner pulled a bag of pickles out of her purse the other day while we were riding along in the car. Not so strange, until she pulled out a small jar of peanutbutter to dip them in."

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