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A voilent attack of pregnancy leg cramps

A quick crack of a foot to my shin woke me from my sleep at midnight last night. Not knowing what was going on, I quickly grappled my assailant and forced her to submit before I realized my wife was having an agonizing muscle cramp. I could tell this was an involuntary reaction as pregnant women prefer to punch and slap as opposed to kicking. Again, one of the things that expectant fathers should be aware of which I was not; pregnant women often have very painful leg cramps.

Doctors seem to attribute these little muscular fits to a variety of factors from extra weight to low magnesium.

Tips to help expectant fathers with a pregnant woman's leg cramps at night:
1. Wear shin pads
2. Wear ear plugs
3. Develop an intimate rapport with tae kwon do
4. Learn some basic stretching techniques like pointing and flexing her feet for her to help articulate those frozen, cramping muscles.

Tips for mothers dealing with pregnancy leg cramps:
1. Stretch your calves regularly. Try standing on your toes on the edge of a step and letting your body weight pull down to stretch the calf. Do this on a bottom step and make sure hold on to a railing, your balance and weight distribution are changing and it's important to make sure you don't fall.
2. Try a prenatal vitamin to make sure your mineral levels are in check. Check with a doc first.
3. Stay active and try to take walks frequently.

Hopefully this will help prevent another victim like me.


Agnes Mildew said...

Bill, be warned. The cramps can continue for the rest of her life. They also come hand in hand with the inability to make meals, turn on the telly, pick up the vacuum cleaner and do anything but nurse your bundle of fun.

I got away with it for about five weeks...twice!

Amel said...

I think you have such a COOL blog. You're a COOL guy too, to help other guys understand pregnant women!!!

I salute you!!!! *bowing* The world needs more men like you out there, Bill!

Amel said...

Hi, Bill...since I LOVE your blog so much,

Here's a Nice Matters Award for you, pls follow the link! ;-D

Nice Matters Award

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday!!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hey Bill, so since I have been reading your blog 3 friends of mine have announced their pregnancies!! What are you, some kind of jinx? Teasing of course!! I've sent them all to read your blog ;-) Best, F