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Tell her she's beautiful

One of the most important things you can do for a pregnant woman is let her know how beautiful she is. A few simple words may mean more to her than anything else you could do.

Words of encouragement are a crucial element of an expectant father’s emotional support. Her hormones are wreaking havoc with her emotions and weight gain, breakouts, stretch marks and morning sickness have her insecurities at a peak and her self consciousness at an all time low.

Take the opportunity to simply tell her that she is beautiful. It may not be the manufactured physical beauty in print or on TV, but a truly natural beauty. There is nothing more feminine than a pregnant woman, so tell her that.

Don’t lay it on too thick, she’ll see right through it. As it is, she’ll argue with you and provide a list of reasons why she thinks she’s not attractive, but be resolute. Just talk to her, compliment her, and know that a few words may mean the world to her.


Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant, due to give birth in 2 weeks, 2nd child. Im having a cry reading the above. You sound like a lovely understanding man, your wife is lucky.

Bill, almost a dad said...

Best of luck to you with your second (and first) child! We're expecting our second as well and are incredibly excited about it.

Thank you for the wonderful comment, I think I may share it with her the next time she gets mad at me!

Anonymous said...

This is so dead on im five months pregnant with my first child and my boyfriends away so o get really insecure and I would llove he understood how a simple random your beautiful would make me feel. I want tto tell him but then I would feel like its not genuine ...ughh

Anonymous said...

Best advice you could ever give. It has to be genuine though. Woman that are used to being beautiful all of a sudden get fat and have so many other terrible physical things that happen to them - and we put up with it, let it happen to us, so we can have your babies. We sacrifice our bodies basically - it is honestly the scariest thing I have ever done. But we fear looking superficial or insecure, so we don't say anything. And then - this kind of miracle happens around 7 months - are tilts are huge, our bellies are firm, and we realize again we are really sexy (or at least this was my experience). But husband doesn't seem to be on board. He is very supportive loving guy, but has not once told me I'm beautiful or look good, unless I have coaxed him too. He focuses on communicating his pet peeves to me instead. I hope every man read this simple straight to the point article.