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Pregnant women are irritable

It's a fact of pregnancy, so get used to it; pregnant women are very irritable. In their defense, expectant mothers have rushes of havoc-wreaking hormones, reduced mobility, nausea, headaches, tire easily and feel all around crappy. It doesn't make it easy to live with and deal with, but it's just how things are.

That being said, any conversation with a pregnant woman is like a mine field; a seemingly harmless proposition laden with highly explosive potential just below the surface.

They criticize, complain and pick fights, onl
y to quickly retreat behind a veil of tears. The only thing you really can do is grin, bear it and walk away or diffuse the situation. If not, then she'll end up sobbing and you'll feel bad. Try not to snap, try not to yell back.

Be particularly aware of this in the first and third trimesters, as these are the times during which pregnant women typically feel worst; in the first trimester due to morning sickness and in the third because of frustration, immobility and aches from weight gain. She may become cranky or irrational and do so at the drop of a hat.

Just keep in mind that you love her and she is bearing the next great president / professional athlete / scientist / doctor / little miracle.

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