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Quotes from pregnant women

Here are a few quotes from pregnant women who have responded to surveys I have posted on various sites. I find these tidbits to be a comically informative look from the mother's point of view. As such, they're some good guidelines for expectant fathers.

"I think men should just think in their minds that women are in a temporary hormonal state and in that state it may appear that they have lost their minds, haha!

"Pregnancy is not all about moms. It is about love and sharing your life.

"We need to feel that our husbands still find us beautiful and alluring with swollen ankles and the appetite of a horse.

" My husband would touch me and I would vomit.

"...nothing about size should be uttered to a pregnant woman!

"I feel nauseous all freaking day!

"... it feels and LOOKS like my belly is an overgrown Mexican Jumping bean with Muhamid Ali inside.

".. it was so nice knowing he is as excited as I am.

"I get annoyed really easily and it helps to have him be quick to forgive me if I'm being unreasonable.

"Be good to your wife. She may be acting strong, but she really is fragile these days. Try to think about what you say before you say it.

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