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When to tell people, and why to wait

It's can be very difficult to contain your excitement when you find out that you're going to have a baby. There are certain instances during pregnancy when you must exercise restraint and control the flow of information as if it were a matter of national security. The announcement is one of them.

I personally wanted to run out and tell everyone as soon as the pee test was dry, but announcing a pregnancy can be considerably more complicated than most men would ever expect. There are numerous considerations ranging from who to tell, in what order to tell them and how to do it. It is laughably easy to offend someone by not telling them soon enough or letting the news get back to them second hand.

I will get more in depth in future posts about making the big announcement, but my key piece of advice is to wait three months before announcing a pregnancy. I know this sounds like a long time to wait, but speaking from the perspective of someone who has had to go back and “untell” a bunch of people after a miscarriage, it's better off. The rate of miscarriage drops significantly after three months, so it's a good rule of thumb to follow for breaking the news.

It may become a moot point if her morning sickness or general symptoms raise suspicion in people, but still try to keep things under wraps as much as possible.


Lance said...

Oh good God, no way could I have waited that long. As it was, I was dying having to wait two weeks. My folks are snow birds and though they had heard a great deal about my fiance, they had never actually met her. So telling them over the phone that we were expecting was really out of the question. But once they were home they figured it out quickly.

My mother wanted to meet this woman she had been hearing so much about and offered to make a dinner for all of us. I told her great! But no shrimp, in fact no fish of any kind. This is a nessecary thing to tell my parents who seem to believe that shrimp and other seafood should be consumed morning noon and night seven days a week. My mother inquired why I my woman would have such a problem with fish. Then she complained. Then she carried on. Then I told her why to shut her up.

Ricky said...

Yeah. We told our families and close friends at about the 6 week mark. And now we're in our 9th week, I've told a few people here at work.