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Baby Strollers With Daddy In Mind

Tonight my wife and I went shopping for some baby gear to see first-hand what we had been comparing ad nauseum online. I happened upon a stroller which I think was well designed and had the parents in mind, not just the child.

Now there were many cool features of this stroller; it was sturdy and well-built, the wheels were big enough to get the kid off road and in this particular unit, my child would be secured with a system of straps and buckles that look like a crash harness for Nascar driver.

However, the feature which clinched my buying decision (actually my 'add to registry' decision) was a handy location to store a beverage of choice. That's thinking.

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Lance said...

Sweet, Do you think they make that stroller with a flask shaped drinkholder.

I've been noticing stollers these days are utterly ridiculous. When I was a kid, my mom had one of those little fold up cloth stollers. About the size of an umbrella. Whats with all the double wide limosine strollers with giant monster truck tires? Do strollers really need to take up more space than the mini cooper? I see these monsters rolling down the sidewalk near my home and can only laugh.