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Nibbling fetus, a quote

You will hear lots of strange things coming from a pregnant woman. My wife interrupted me in the middle of a sentence tonight with a mildly yelled statement;

"Ahhh, it feels like he's biting the back of my belly button!"
She was of course referring to Sprout, the fetus, and then bit my finger with the according amount of pressure so that I could experience it as well.


Anonymous said...

Our boy, Tony, always make noises only in quite's awesome.

Ricky said...

Hey Bill, how far along is she?

Bill, almost a dad said...

Hey Ricky,

Thanks for asking, she's at 32 weeks right now. Getting close!


Amel said...

Oohhhh...this is a cute story he he he...

So it's only about 8 weeks left, eh? Soon Sprout's gonna show his face he he he...Hope it's gonna be smooth until delivery! ;-D