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Crazy pregnancy dreams

I mentioned earlier that my wife has been having vivid and intense dreams and I put a question out on Yahoo! Answers to see what kind of dreams other pregnant women were having. The following are some of the responses:

"I dreamed the baby was a Jalapeno and nobody wanted to carry him."

"I had nightmares with people killing my family."

"I'd have dreams about me having twins. Once I dreamed the twins were like fighting in my belly I could see their arms and legs sticking out then they dropped to the floor, not through the birth canal but through my belly like they were ghosts or something."

"I had one about some bears attacking people all over my town and it seemed so real!"

"I dreamt I died on the delivery table with my second child."

"The most recent was that our city was being bombed but they were only bombing our garbage cans and my husband was about to take out the garbage but me and my very pregnant belly ran and saved him."

"I had dreams that I gave birth to an alien, my fiance and that the baby flew out of my vagina and across the room!!!!"

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Babynumber1! said...

Ive been having crazy dreams I'm only 7 weeks pregnant, last night my fiancé was a fish and I was human, I was in tears because I didn't know how to tell everyone about him and when our son was born he was gills!
Straight after that I had a dream that a sweet old man wanted a metal round bin with a pop up lid from any cheap store but they where all extinct and we sat together crying because we couldn't find one anywhere....

Needless to say.. This is only the start of my crat dream roller coaster!