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Bipolar sexual habits of pregnant women

I made an open call for questions a short while back and a reader asked about changes in sexuality during pregnancy. There seem to be few topics more taboo than pregnant sex and I sure as hell wouldn't have written about it if someone hadn't asked me. My wife and mom both read this blog so I'm not offering up anything personal, ix-nay on the egnant-pray ex-say.

Still, I wanted to answer this reader's question so I posted on Yahoo! Answers to get a public opinion sample from pregnant women out in the world. The question from the reader and in-turn posed to women was, how has pregnancy affected your sexuality.

I received quite a few responses and the results were interesting. They were characterized by a very bipolar split in that pregnant women either claimed a large increase in libido or a complete vacuum of sexual interest. Much of this seemed to be specific to a woman's trimester with the most activity in the second trimester and less interest in the first and third.

The following are some particularly telling quotes from the women who responded.

1. I'd rather lay on the bathroom floor than have sex.

2. With my 3rd pregnancy, I was (excuse the expression) hornier than a 16 year old boy!

3. The first [pregnancy] my sex drive went up, but the second time my sex drive has gone down.

4.I've always been reserved, maybe even shy, about that sort of stuff, but after getting pregnant I became much bolder

5. I felt yuck all the time and that was the last thing on my mind.

6. Now that I am preggo I try to knock his boots off every time he looks my way LMAO. My my how the roles have changed, Now he's the one running from me. He's scared he will hurt the baby. PLEASE! The only one in danger is him lol.

7. My sex drive went down the hill...

8. Since we got pregnant (we tried for over a year) sex has been a lot more frequent, spontaneous, and interesting. I guess it's because when we were trying to conceive it was like, "Okay, we have to have sex starting on day 10 of my cycle and skip every other day...blahblahblah." This way we do what we want when we want to, and it's awesome!

9. My libido went up 10-fold. I was very sexually charged, all the time...

10. I don't want to even be looked at in the first trimester, however the second is always a very different story and I find myself more interested than ever. In the third trimester I tolerate intimacy for the sake of my partner.

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