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My pregnant wife says: L'Occitane organic shea butter helps prevent stretch marks

Fear of stretch marks ranks high with many expectant mothers on their list of concerns about pregnancy; my wife is no exception. As soon as she found out she was pregnant she began moisturizing her belly with religious fervor, as though it were made of gator hide. Not only was she concerned about stretch marks, but as her tummy grew larger her skin in that area began to itch and become more sensitive.

While waiting for a train home from a New York business trip, I stopped in to L'Occitane in Grand Central Station to pick her up a small gift before my return. She loves that brand and as a newly invigorated skin care addict, I thought something from there would be an appropriate present. I set out to find shea butter as that was the one product I actually recalled her mentioning. However, when I first saw the price on the tin I was sure that it must include a personal masseuse to apply the moisturizer. That was not the case.

In spite of my initial sticker shock I ended up buying the shea butter because I wanted to get something for her and thought this was a fairly practical choice. (She loved it, so it was worth it.) I must say, while I would normally consider $39 for a tin of moisturizer to be high, it has lasted for six months and counting, and has preserved her tummy with baby's-bottom smoothness. (I talk to it all the time, so I know.) It's also organic, which is especially comforting during pregnancy to know that she's not slathering herself in potentially harmfully chemicals.

My wife strongly suggests the L'Occitane Pure Organic Shea Butter, and has added it to her Christmas wish list. So, if any of you guys are looking for a gift idea, there it is. It's available through Amazon for $39.


jackLawson said...

Fear of stretch marks is a concern with many expectant mothers. During pregnancy there are many issues like itching due to the growth inflamed and soring effect effect will take place. Moisturizing the belly will only reduce the itching to some extent applying stretch mark Prevention creams you will total protection during and after pregnancy.

Bill, almost a dad said...

Hi Jack,

I've heard mixed reviews about the stretch mark prevention. In my wife's experience, with the shea butter alone she got no stretch marks. I think it depends mostly on the individual.

Thanks for the comment!