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A bloody show is not an English musical

Along your journey as an expectant father, you will hear the term 'bloody show' used. No, it's not referring to an English play or musical, and yes, it will most likely make you cringe when you hear it for the first time. That's why I put if on my list of top 10 pregnancy terms that make men (and women) cringe).

The term is used to describe the presence of a small amount of blood in mucousy discharge a few days prior to birth. It often may accompany the mucous plug or pass gradually, but usually is an indicator that labor will begin within a few days.

If there is more than a few spots, a pregnant woman should call her doctor and let them know.


Anonymous said...

the title of this post alone made me do a spit-take on my computer!

i looked up all of the rest of your 'terms of endearment/horror' from the earlier post. so this is pure comedy, man.


Bill, almost a dad said...

Hey B,

Glad you liked it so much. I had to think of some way to make it read a little easier!