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Talking to the pregnant belly, revisited

Throughout my wife's pregnancy I spoke to her belly, more specifically the baby within the big pregnant belly, on a fairly regular basis. From the beginning I felt that by talking to him in utero he would develop an affinity for his father's voice once he was born.

After months of chatter I have to say that, in my estimation, it worked and was a worthwhile expenditure of time.

Within moments of my son's delivery he was handed to me, and after speaking only a few words, my baby boy quickly calmed down. A nurse and a doctor commented on his reaction without prompting which was all the validation I needed for my "talking to a pregnant belly" hypothesis. These days, at the ripe old age of 10 days, he quiets quickly with a few words from dad when he's in the middle of a diaper or hunger-fueled crying jag.

I admit it's not scientifically airtight; I had no control group for this experiment. My wife would have been furious if I were simultaneously having a child with a different woman for the sake of a making a point, so I leave it to educated assumption and the opinion of professionals to draw my conclusion.

Among expectant fathers I'm not alone; many men talk to their pregnant partner's belly. Of those dads-to-be who answered the Almost A Dad ongoing survey for expectant fathers, more than 77% of expectant fathers carry on belly talk with relative frequency. More than a quarter of all respondents do so every day.

I never talked about much of anything of much importance; the events of my day, made up songs, anything that came to mind. My suggestion is that all expectant dads, if so inclined, should take a minute or two per day to talk to their partner's pregnant belly.


JLow said...

When Mummee was pregnant with our first one, when she was in the office she'd place headphones on her tummy playing classical music.

Both Mummee & I would also speak to her tummy..

Our 3yr old Caitlin now enjoys singing, dances to certain music when it comes on on tv (but only to certain jingles). Strangely though I am her favourite human compared to Mummee even though Mummee's voice is constantly heard during waking hours.

We are expecting our 2nd one now, & sadly I haven't been giving tummy the attention Caitlin received in utero, as Caitlin is still receiving it now.

Caitlin however has been speaking to tummy at our suggestion. Hopefully this is the start of the sibling's bonding.

Neal Rosenblum said...

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Lance said...

I've finally figured out a belly time that works for me. I still don't have much to say to the belly other than, good god you're getting huge. When are you going to finally get borne. However, I've found that laying my head on my fiance's lap and simply chatting with her about the day is a very pleasant experience. It's become something of a routine as of late. And while it might not build that father/baby bond that you are talking about, I don't think it hurts it either. Plus its a comfy place to spend a few minutes relaxing after work every day. I may even sing your Jefferson's song. I've just got to remember all of the lyrics first.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading all of your articles! I can't believe that a guy actually wrote this! Thanks, hopefully my man will be this supportive.