Almost a dad... : the story of an expectant father ~ Almost a dad

Almost a dad... : the story of an expectant father

My name is Bill and in another few months I'm going to be a first-time-father. I couldn't be more thrilled about being a dad and can't wait to meet my as of yet un-named, amoebic bundle of joy.

But as exciting a time as pregnancy is for an expectant father, it is filled with tons of surprises and changes that can blind side just about any guy. While there is material about pregnancy for the woman ad nauseum, information for a father-to-be is incredibly scarce. The emphasis is rightly on the woman during this time, but nobody stops to tell the father what he's in for. Sure, you hear stories about weird food cravings and crying at commercials, but nowhere does it say that the woman carrying your child may possibly become crazy. But it's not her fault; she's hormonal, she's gaining weight and her world and body are both changing. Just keep in mind that the woman you liked enough to conceive a child with is not be the person you will be deal ing with for the next nine months.

This blog is about the craziness that hits guys who are almost dads. I'm writing in hopes that other fathers-to-be will learn from my experiences, share their own trials and learn to be more understanding and supportive of expectant mothers.


Anonymous said...

we just found out yesterday.
she found out 'for sure' yesterday,
but has suspected for a few days.

i've been reading your blog from
the beginning and very-much enjoy it.

thanks for creating a forum since
i already feel like i need to join
a 12-step expectant-fathers anonymous
support group...or maybe i'm still
in denial....
'it's no big deal.
probably isn't even quicksand...
i'm gonna have a laugh with the guys about this later!'

i'm stashing all of your advice
in a special place in my memory for
the months to come.

Bill, almost a dad said...

Hi B,


I'm glad you've been enjoying reading so much. There are lots of bits and pieces, and every couple is different, but I hope my advice will help you a little bit.

Pregnancy is awesome, disorganized, beautiful and sometimes scary, but it is a wonderful experience.

Best of luck and please let me know how things are going as they progress.


Anonymous said...


I just found your blog.

Our first prenatal appointment is tomorrow morning. I'm excited and nervous.

I can echo the sentiments about feeling like I need an expectant fathers support group.

daniel smith said...

dear bill im an expecting farther my mommy to be is just hitting 16 weeks i would like to thank you for tis site/ blog it has opened my eyes and i think and hope i will be able to deal with the mood swings of my mommy to be has a bit better

thanks again congrate on ur bundel of joy